David. The return to land

David. The return to land 
México | 2017 | DCP | Color | 95 min | Anaïs Huerta

Director: Anaïs Huerta
Script: Anaïs Huerta
Producer: Anaïs Huerta, Raúl Cuesta
Cinematography: Raúl Cuesta
Sound: Anaïs Huerta, Bassem Ajaltouni
Music: Dr David
Edition: Anaïs Huerta
Production Company: IMCINE, AMAINA Films, Carlos H. Verástegui, Héctor Toledo Teja

“I’m black, born Haitian, French and Jewish by adoption… I feel all those things, but people only see me as a black person, so it’s hard for me to find my place”.

At 34 years old, David dreams and, at the same time, fears, going back to Haiti, where he was adopted a year after he was born.

Anaïs Huerta
From French and Spanish origin, she completed two Masters in Political Science in France and Canada. In 2006 she creates Amaina Films in Mexico City with Raúl Cuesta, producer and photographer, a company where they produced short and long documentaries- as independent projects or for NGOs and communication medias- and teach documentary workshops in Mexico and abroad, and at the Institute of Cinema Studies (CUEC) of the University of Mexico (UNAM). Anaïs has been working in Spain, Mexico, France, Bolivia, Canada, India and Haiti. In 2009 she directed Rehje (68mn, Mexican Film Institute), an award winning long documentary about the life of an indigenous woman in Mexico. Rehje has won six international awards and has been selected in more than 70 film festivals across de world.