Going South



Going South

Canada | 2018 | DCP | Color | 104 min | Dominic Gagnon

Director: Dominic Gagnon
Producer: Dominic Gagnon
Edition: Dominic Gagnon

Going South is the second part of a tetralogy in which Dominic Gagnon intends to explore the cardinal points of the Internet in the post-truth era. Faithful to his credo of cinema without camera, he draws the material of his film from the world of YouTubers. Playing along with the absurd Flat Earth theory professed by contemporary gurus, he throws himself into a journey from the polar centre of the disc-shaped Earth towards the Tropics, the cold waters strewn with glaciers, and beyond, to space! Those who he meets share their truth with us in a frenzied mosaic that features on an equal footing shopping lists, intimate outpourings and conspiracy theories, vertiginous images of the earth seen from a space station, innocent holiday films, sexual tourism and tropical cataclysms brought by climate change—a mesmerising echo chamber in which everything is connected. Because everything is true on the Internet. In reverse to journalistic fact-checking, the work of the filmmaker is then to construct, from his own subjectivity, an idea of the South, in the same way that of the Northworked with an idea of the North.

Dominic Gagnon
As a filmmaker, installation and performance artist, Dominic Gagnon works with non-orthodox images taken from the Internet. In addition of questioning the specificity of cinema, his work breaks conceptual and formal frames. By these twists, his practice challenges the institutional and cultural modalities of production and consumption of images. Since 1996, his work insists on various themes: mythologies, marginal production of the image and its censorship, the conditions of mediation between the work of art and its spectator.
Dominic Gagnon considers cinema as a technique for measuring the immeasurable or as a discipline of chaos. He has made public presentations of moving images, has invented machines and concepts, performs sound works, built facilities and creates performances in various galleries, festivals and biennials around the world. To carry out his projects, Gagnon has conducted research about the decline of economies, terror, violence and identity crisis, the international adoption systems, information disorder and homelessness, Sado-Masochism and fetishism in popular culture and the family in the era of mega-entertainment. Using video and film since the nineties, his works are an exposé of obsession, identity and culture. Recently, Dominic Gagnon has produced and directed dark, mythological collage videos, made with fragments of webcam broadcasts that were removed from several platforms for their controversial or explicit content.
“In his ongoing quest to explode the film frame, Dominic Gagnon’s flurry of internet collage films not only cull the lonely, shocking margins of YouTube to captivate us with pixelated self-representations of despair, anger, and survivalism, they also challenge the scope of copyright laws and question the definition of what constitutes cinema.” J.P. Sniadecki, filmmaker and anthropologist.
Despite being a critical darling and an alumnus of some of the most prestigious festivals and galleries on the circuit, Gagnon is refreshingly disdainful of art world pretensions. Gagnon specializes in collage film, often using found footage as source material for some astute and tragicomic commentaries on economic decline, identity crisis, chaos, terror and apocalypse culture. Dominic Gagnon is an internationally recognized artist whose insightful and enigmatic films have been screened at many places. Recently he had full retrospectives of his work.

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