Por la libertad

DOMINGO 26 | CINÉMA IFAL | 16:00 HRS. | 85 MIN.


Por la libertad

Mexico – France | 2017 | DCP | Color | 85 min | Laurence Garret

Director: Laurence Garret
Script: Laurence Garret
Producer: Christophe Gougeon
Cinematography: Ricardo del Conde de la Cerda, Wilma Gomez Luengo
Sound: Jorge Torres, Noé Cordeau, Carlos Cortes Navarrete
Music: Humberto Álvarez
Edition: Carolina Lutenberg, Carlos Serrano Azcona, Ernie Schaeffer
Production Company: Atopic

We’ve known there was a link between the documentary maker Laurence Garret and Carlos Reygadas since her creative evocation of Luis Buñuel (En ningún lugar, 2013). Reygadas was then part of the cast with Jean-Claude Carrière and Denis Lavant. Garret started her career as a fashion designer and photographer. So with this project she was not entirely venturing into unknown territory, while Reygadas was fairly unaccustomed when he took on his first commercial commission.  Garret does not try to get any profound statements from the maestro, who likes to be compared with Tarkovski and Dreyer. She consciously opts for a more anecdotal and indirect approach to a strong yet existentially lonely individual. That is suggested from the very first moment with a fragment of music by Johnny Cash. Her impressionistic sketch forms part of the Cinéma, de notre temps series, the sequel to the prestigious series Cinéastes de notre temps, once started by André Labarthe.

Laurence Garret
After ten years of working in fashion as a stylist and assistant to photographers, Laurence Garret made her first film from super 8 archive footage. She was also trained in documentary cinema and camera in Lussas. Garret made the experimental film Nowhere Luis Buñuel (2013), and after that she directed and wrote Por la libertad (2017).

International Film Festival Rotterdam, IFFR