Still Burn

JUEVES 23 | CINE TONALÁ | 18:00 HRS. | 77 MIN.


Still Burn

Bolivia | 2018 | DCP | Color | 77 min | Mauricio Alfredo Ovando

Director: Mauricio Alfredo Ovando
Script: Mauricio Alfredo Ovando
Producer: Juan Alvarez Durán
Cinematography: Mauricio Alfredo Ovando
Sound: Ajayus de Antaño
Edition: Cecilia Almeida Saquieres
Cast: Elsa Omiste de Ovando, María Teresa Ovando, Alfredo Ovando, Carolina Freudenthal, Jessica Freudenthal
Production Company: Nicobis Cine, Artes Andes América

A film about the infinite images of my grandfather recorded during his de facto military government in Bolivia during the 1960s. The family version is confronted with the official history: the massacre of miners, the nationalization of oil, the assassination of Ché Guevara. Every time I stop to look at an image with more depth, something still burns inside me.

Mauricio Alfredo Ovando
He was born in La Paz, Bolivia. He studied Film Direction at the Bolivian Catholic University in La Paz. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Creative Documentary from the Film Observatory of Buenos Aires, Argentina and obtained a Diploma in Advanced Digital Cinematography from the International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

His short films as a student: Sábado llueve Domingo (2007), Ciudad en el Aire (2009) and Suimin (2011) have been selected and awarded at several national festivals. His career as a director of photography includes numerous short films as well as two feature films released: Movimientos Espectaculares (2014) and Sol Piedra Agua (2016), as well as two feature-length films to be released: Llaki Wij’chuna and Nosotros los Bárbaros. Still Burn (Algo Quema) is his first feature film as a director.

Independent Film Festival from Buenos Aires
EDOC Festival
Transcinema International Film Festival