The weak ones



Los débiles
The weak ones

Mexico | 2017 | DCP | Color | 65 min | Raúl Rico, Eduardo Giralt Brun

Director: Raúl Rico, Eduardo Giralt Brun
Script: Raúl Rico, Eduardo Giralt Brun
Producer: Raúl Rico, Eduardo Giralt Brun, Raúl Rico González, Marcela González Güereña, Alonso Esquinca, Mariana Monroy
Cinematography: Diego Rodríguez
Sound: Thomas Becka
Music: Alonso Esquinca
Edition: Raúl Rico, Jonathan Pellicer
Cast: José Luis Lizárrga, Eduardo Martínez, Javier Diáz Dalannais, Javier Chimaldi, Joshua Estrada, Eduardo Rauda, Sean Hennessey, Ulises Bojorquez, Eduardo Carreón, Cruz Tirado
Production Company: Medicante

Victor has a scuffle with Selfie, a 13 year-old boy who is part of a gang. Hours later he finds his beloved dogs murdered. He gets his gun and begins a journey on board his pick-up truck on a path that will take him across the hostile land of Sinaloa, in Mexico’s Pacific Coast. In his search for clues he will meet disturbing and eccentric characters who may or may not tell the truth about the whereabouts of the young criminal. At the end of his journey he will come to terms with his weakness and will learn to bear the injustice just as he bears the sun on the heat of the day.

Raúl Rico
Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México 1983. Studied Business Administration at ITESM and specialized in International Business at Lyon’s Catholic University. He worked in marketing at Unilever Latin American for a period of four years. As a video artist, he has exhibited his work in cultural spheres such as SOMA Summer’s Open Studio, the Acme hall and the ‘La Rabia Fundadora’ exposition in Lima, Peru, with his work ‘Dos Hermanos Tirando Piedras al Agua’. His mi-length film Noche de Resurrecciones (2014), was part of the Riviera Maya Film Festival Official Selection. He obtained a Certificate from the Modern Art Museum (MARCO) in German Industrial Architecture of the Ninth Century. His mentor was Mario Gonzalez Suarez.

Eduardo Giralt Brun
Miami, Florida, 1987. Studied at Tufts University and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where he specialized in Film and Video. After graduating, he spent a year in Uruguay, writing his grandfather’s
memoirs while working at a Cantina by the port. After Uruguay, he moved to a small coastal village in Venezuela, where he shot a short film, a drama of a gay couple. He arrived in Mexico to check-out the film scene, and came across Julio Hernández Cordón through their mutual interest in baseball, who becomes his friend and mentor. He worked as a Director’s Assistant in the feature film Te Prometo Anarquía. After that he directed a TV documentary on Vicente Rojo, one of Mexico’s most important artists. Finally, he had the chance to co-write and co-direct a film in one of the most dangerous states in Mexico: Sinaloa. The film was cast with people that were not professional actors; many had direct ties with organized crime.

Berlin International Film Festival
UNAM International Film Festival