Vole, vole, tristesse

Vole, vole, tristesse

Canada | 2015 | DCP | Color | 6 min | Miryam Charles

Director: Miryam Charles
Script: Miryam Charles
Producer: Miryam Charles, Michael Yaroshevsky
Cinematography: Miryam Charles
Sound: Miryam Charles, Luc Boudrias
Music: Miryam Charles
Edition: Miryam Charles
Cast: Josue Mésadieu, Wenda Mesadieu, Hélène Mesadieu, Myrta Mesadieu, Edigh Charles,Milca Charles et Miryam Charles

Following a nuclear explosion that transforms the voice of all the inhabitants of an island, a Finnish journalist goes there in order to find a hermit with mysterious powers.

Miryam Charles
Miryam Charles studied film production at the University of Concordia. She has produced and shot several short films, among which are: Vole, Vole Tristesse (2015), Vers les Colonies (2016), Une Forteresse (2018), Drei Atlas (2018) and the feature film Nouvelles, Nouvelles (2014).

Festival du nouveau cinema
Edinburgh International Film Festival
Vienna Independent Short Film Festival